About UsFarming for People, Profit, and Planet

Great Lakes Tilapia Farm is planned to be the pioneer in large – scale commercial aquaculture in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region. The Farm is designed to integrate Rwandan resources with global leading, sustainable aquaculture practices.

The Farm is being developed by Great Lakes Tilapia Ltd (Rwanda), a company founded in 2021 by Rwandans together with international partners.

The strategy is for Great Lakes Tilapia Farm to be the leading and large farm in East Africa and much of sub-Saharan Africa. Starting at a modest production capacity of about 3,300 Mt/Annum (Live Weight Equivalent) of Tilapia Fish, the Farm is designed to grow progressively to about 19,000 Mt/Annum by 2032.


1. Integrity,

2. Sustainability,

3. Impact to humanity,


5. Trust,

6. Accountability

7. Customer satisfaction. 

GLT Farm Location2°08’24.6”S 29°28’85.1”E